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County boss wants NGOs to collaborate to avoid projects duplication

Ijara Deputy County Commissioner Mr Willy Cheboi has appealed to non-governmental organisations working in Ijara to work with the Sub-county steering group so as to avoid duplication.

The appeal came following complaints from a youth leader in Ijara Mr Abdullahi Abdi and former, chairman Ijara County Council Mr Mohamed Gure and Mrs Amina Ahmed a technical committee member that non-governmental organisations working in ijara are not involving the sub County steering group in their relief efforts and not giving reports to the steering group that brings together state and non-state actors in the provision of cash transfer.

The youth leader said Dololo location, with a small population, had benefitted from the cash transfer programme of Sh 6000 per month for six months where about 202 people were enrolled as beneficiaries yet Masalani town which is an urban town only got 102 beneficiaries.

The trio however appealed to the World Food Programme to renew their beneficiary for a cash transfer programme and verification to be done in liaison with chiefs and their assistants so as to ensure that the support reaches genuine cases.

Cheboi called on all non-governmental organisations, especially WFP, Kenya Red Cross, World Vision International and Save the Children Fund to coordinate their activities with the Sub-County steering group and give regular reports on their outreach programmes.

He said the cash transfer programme was very good for the drought stricken families and called on non-governmental organisations to follow due process.

By Dahir Mohamed

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