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County Commissioner Ask for Local Leaders’ Support to Fight Crime.

Migori County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich has challenged area leaders to cooperate with the government security agencies in order to rid the region of criminals especially during the forthcoming Christmas festivities.
Cherutich at the same time banned Disco Matanga during the festive season saying they were fertile grounds for the spread of Corona Virus and cause for unwanted pregnancies among young girls.
Speaking today at his office, the official said the government was concerned with the ever-increasing cases of criminal acts perpetrated by people, some whom are known to the locals.
His remarks came in the wake of serious security challenges and a spike in Covid-19 infection in the region in the past few weeks.
Within the past one week, a total number of six people including watchmen have been brutally murdered in different locations within the county by gangsters wielding crude weapons including guns.
The area has also been gripped in fears of a fast spread of Covid-19 virus to the local community after reporting 12 Covid 19 related deaths since the onset of the disease in the country.
Cherutich said it was therefore important for area leaders to educate the masses on the need to embrace the community policing programme that the government had introduced as a sure way to deal with criminals.
“The state prioritizes the spirit of integrating the local community in fast-tracking security in this region and we would like all leaders to come on board to help wipe out criminals giving innocent people sleepless nights,” he said in a brief to KNA.
At the same time, the official called on residents to report suspicious visitors amidst them to security officers, saying the operation currently being undertaken by the Kenyan forces in Somalia requires that everybody be on high alert wherever they were.
“However, security officers have stepped up surveillance day and night in market places, villages and learning institutions in the area to deal with any kind of threat from any quarter,” he added.
“We also want Wananchi to strictly adhere with all the existing health protocols on Covid-19 in order to deal effectively with this killer disease,” he added.

By George Agimba

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