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County Commissioner decries sexual gender based violence in Vihiga

It is common knowledge that Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) has been a thorn in the flesh of the people of Vihiga county for a long time.

The sad consequences of this menace have been among others teenage pregnancies, increased school dropout rate, family break ups and declining moral standards in the society.

The area County Commissioner (CC) Felix Watakila has vowed to work with other multi-sectorial players in order to alleviate and ultimately stamp out incidents of SGBV.

Watakila, who spoke during the intergovernmental county technical working committee meeting on SGBV and Child Protection, said rape and incest cases are attributable to rampant consumption of illicit brews.

Watakila has instructed the county and sub county police chiefs to mount night patrols in the notorious areas so as to arrest and prosecute the criminals.

The County Director of Gender (CDG) Dorothy Murakwa stated that many sexual offences go unreported because of bureaucratic red tapes involved to lodge a suit while others are settled informally.

The CDG appealed to the criminal justice system agencies to look for ways of hastening sexual offences cases so as to motivate more victims to seek justice whenever they are aggrieved.

She also urged the government through the ministry of Gender and Affirmative Action to actualize the provision of sanitary kits to school girls so that those from poor economic backgrounds do not fall prey to the snares of immoral men.

“Some girls from poor families are compelled to sleep with men in exchange for money with which to buy the sanitary towels and other personal effects and so regular provision of these materials would bring this to an end,” she explained.

By Sammy Mwibanda

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