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County commissioner puts brewers on notice

Illicit brews are still a menace in the entire Kiambu County where the County commissioner has put the brewers on notice, saying their days are numbered.

Addressing the 11th Mashujaa day celebrations at Ndumberi stadium, Mr.Wilson Wanyanga advised the people of Kiambu to cooperate with the administration so as to flush out the brewers and even those who imported the illicit brews from other counties.

“It is for the sake of the future generation of this county that you people of Kiambu should work hand in hand with the government of the day to eradicate the brews that are slowly killing your children” said the administrator.

He particularly cautioned people living along river Karimenu and Chania where he said his team had deployed drones to help identify the locations where the brewing was being carried out.

On the coronavirus pandemic, the County commissioner also reminded the people that the disease was still with us and that they needed to protect themselves accordingly.

He lauded the senior members of the society who attended the function saying all of them had their masks on and that only young people were disregarding the health protocols laid down by the ministry of health.

He told the senior class to continue observing the protocols to the letter as they were old and that their immunity was low. “You continue observing the protocols and only leave your homes when it is absolutely necessary so that you do not come into contact with the virus” he said.

He also reiterated that the people should listen to experts and not lay people who were misleading them that the disease was non-existent.

He also thanked the County government of Kiambu for having paid the health workers when they were on a go slow after they were unpaid. “It is unfortunate that there can be no salary for health workers when they are the people who have really sacrificed a lot during this corona period as they are ever at their workstations.” Said Mr. Wanyanga

In September, the health workers downed their tools and marched to the office of the Governor of Kiambu Dr.James Nyoro demanding to be paid their 2 months salaries.

During the function, Governor James Nyoro impressed on the people of Kiambu to co-operate with his government as there was no time for politicking. We have spent a lot of time and we now have time to work and deliver what we promised, he said.

The deputy Governor Dr.Joyce Ngugi who attended the National function for the first time also lauded the governor for being gender sensitive and allowing her to serve the people of Kiambu. She was chosen by Dr.Nyoro after he was sworn in on January31, 2020 after former governor Ferdinand Waititu was impeached for misuse of office and corruption cases facing him in court.

By Lydia Shiloya

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