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County Commissioner reassures residents of safety

Busia County Commissioner Dr. Ahmed Omar has assured residents of security during tomorrow’s General Elections.

Speaking to the press after a meeting with the Ugandan security officers at the County Commissioner’s conference hall on Monday, Dr. Omar also assured the residents that peace will be maintained during and after the exercise.

“We don’t anticipate any chaos or problems,” he said, adding that they have agreed to work closely with the Ugandan authorities to ensure that they patrol the border together.

He warned any individuals who may be planning mayhem that stringent legal measures will be taken against them.

“There could be isolated cases already reported but they are already in the hands of the police and some action is being taken,” he said adding that his team will work closely with the Ugandan Resident Commissioner to ensure that those who cause chaos and try to escape are arrested on the Ugandan side and brought back to Kenya

“We are sharing a lot of information with them, we are patrolling the border together day and night and we will continue doing this even after the elections,” he assured.

Dr. Omar at the same time disclosed that the roadblocks have also been erected along the border from Lwakhakha to Busia to ensure thorough inspection of all passing vehicles.

“We are doing this to ensure that no crude weapons like pangas or other weapons are brought here in Kenya,” he said.

He disclosed that more than 1500 police officers have been deployed on the roads both during the day and night to check on those flouting the law.

“We have already arrested a few vehicles that such people have been using and they will face the law accordingly,” he said adding that Kenyans staying in Uganda are allowed to come and vote.

By Salome Alwanda

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