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County commissioner warns chiefs against binge drinking

Chiefs in Narok County have been warned against consuming alcoholic drinks excessively as doing so compromise their service delivery to the residents.

Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde said he had received reports that some chiefs were consuming alcoholic drinks during the day which hindered them from making sound decisions for the people who come seeking help from them.

“I want to sound a warning to chiefs who go to work while drunk that their days are numbered and they risk being sacked. The chiefs should be role models in the society,” he said.

He spoke at Narok Teachers’ Training College during a meeting with all the Deputy County Commissioners, Assistant County Commissioners, chiefs and their assistants.

The commissioner asked the chiefs to carry out themselves in a manner that brought dignity to their work as they were the representatives of the government in their respective locations.

At the same time, the commissioner asked the chiefs to conduct impromptu crack down to nab illicit brews and close clubs that operate without license.

“You must be in uniform as you lead a crackdown on illicit brews and every activity you do, you should send reports daily, weekly and monthly so that we can see your progress,” he said.

On security, Masinde asked chiefs to work with the police by informing them of suspected criminals with intention of terrorising innocent citizens.

“Do not shy off from reporting to the police any suspected criminals in your locations so that we can eliminate them early enough, especially those in informal settlements,” he said.

He called on the chiefs and their assistants to hold public baraza meetings at least twice a month so as to have a chance to interact with the residents and get to know what was happening in the community.

During the public barazas, the CC called on the chiefs to speak about peace matters and give the residents enough time to express themselves, after which they are expected to submit the day’s report to his office.

By Ann Salaton

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