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County Commissioner warns head teachers obstructing pupils from joining Form One

The  Turkana  County Commissioner (CC), Muthama  Wambua  on Wednesday  warned head teachers frustrating the government objective of achieving 100 percent  transition to Secondary School that they risk disciplinary action.

He said there should be no reason to deny Form One students a chance to pursue secondary school education.

“If you find anyone refusing to admit a student due to fees and whatever other requirements call us. At the moment we are at 99 percent in Form one transition and this is no mean achievement given that last year it was 89 percent,” said  Wambua.

One  resident had complained that he had taken his child to school but claimed there was inadequate information regarding meeting school fees.

The  County Director of the Presidential Delivery Unit, Martin Rotich urged all departmental heads to work with the administrators and education officials to ensure the 100 percent transition rate is realised.

The Cabinet  set February 13 as the deadline for compliance with the 100 percent transition rate.

The collaboration between government officials and local residents has helped boost the transition rate.

Last  year, Muthama threatened to sack chiefs who did not work towards the new government directive of ensuring 100 percent transition rate.

He  cautioned that parents who deny their children an opportunity to attend secondary school would be jailed.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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