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County Commissioner warns residents over tribal groupings

The Kwale County Commissioner, Karuku Ngumo addressing the media warning leaders in Kwale who were promoting tribal groupings on Thursday February 27, 2020. Photo by KNA.

The  Kwale  County  Commissioner (CC), Karuku  Ngumo has urged residents to refrain from ethnic alignments as it is hampering efforts at unity and harmonious co-existence.

Ngumo  said some leaders in the region were promoting tribal groupings, thus dividing the people into indigenous communities and outsiders.

He  said  the County Security and Intelligence Committee is monitoring the activities of two ethnic groups calling themselves ‘Utsi’ and ‘Taireni”.

The  CC  who  is also the Chairman of the local Security and Intelligence Committee noted that the clandestine activities of the two groups have created a climate of tension, suspense  and mistrust among residents.

He  said members of the shadowy groups were going round the County, holding secret rendezvous, inciting indigenous communities against ‘outsiders’.

Ngumo  said the security apparatus will deal firmly with people involved in incitement and creating divisions among communities along ethnic lines.

“Such  tribal groupings to the exclusion of other sections of the society for selfish ends do not augur well for peace and harmony,” he said.

The  Kwale Governor, Salim  Mvurya  said a section of local leaders with an eye on 2022 polls were behind the sprouting of such illegal groups as Utsi and Taireni.

The  two-term Governor said a section of leaders seeking to succeed him as county boss was behind the formation of ethnic groups for political mobilization.

He advised residents to avoid tribal groupings and associations since they often result in social problems.

“Voters should be mobilized based on ideology because mobilization based on ethnicity is recipe for chaos” he said and urged residents to refuse to be incited.

He said those seeking leadership positions should not incite people to violence and should refrain from using hate speech.

The  County Executive for Culture and Social Services (CEC), Ramadhan  Bungale said those behind the clandestine associations were people who lack development agenda for the residents.

Bungale cautioned the youth against joining such retrogressive groupings and should now allow selfish politicians and ethnic demagogues to incite them to violence.

“The problems we face as a county can only be solved through coming together of all residents regardless of our tribal, political and religious differences,” he said at Tiribe town when he attended a sporting event.

By  Hussein  Abdullahi

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