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County government launches canal rehabilitation projects in Balambala

Garissa  County Government  has launched a Sh 20 million canal rehabilitation project for irrigation farmers in Balambala and Jarajara.

            Presiding over the launch today, Garissa County Deputy Secretary Roble Muhumed said that the project would serve 21 farms in Jarajara and Balambala wards and benefit over 15,000 residents.

            Roble said the project which is part of the national government’s Big Four Agenda and Governor Ali Korane manifesto is meant to addresses food security and improve on nutritional among area residents.

            The deputy secretary said the project under Kenya Climate Smart Agricultural programme will in the long run increase food productivity and resilience to climate change.

            “The project will have a big impact and will improve livelihoods among the local community,” Roble said.

            The project scope entail canal excavation works at Debi intake, protection work with galvanised  pipes, fencing of 400m stretch from the intake, dyke construction at Omar Dalab Lake with gabion at spillway, inlets and rehabilitation of Kulan and Farm B Schemes.

            Roble assured the local community that the project will be complete within its intended time frame of six months.

            The Kenya Climate Smart Agricultural programme coordinator Bashir Muhumed called on the local community to support the project.

            Muhumed regretted that the Jarajara and Balambala farmers known for the production of rice had to abandon the project because of water shortage occasioned by the shifting of the river course away from their farms.

            Community elders, youth, women representative and area chiefs who spoke thanked the county Government for the initiative and promised to fully support the project.

by Jacob Songok

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