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County government partners with Sugar Company to revamp roads

Bungoma County government has partnered with Naitiri Sugar Company in a major infrastructure initiative aimed at overhauling 90 kilometers of dilapidated roads within Tongaren constituency.

The project, set to kick off immediately, will see each of the constituency’s six wards benefit from 15 kilometers of upgraded roads.

This collaboration leverages the strengths of both parties; the county will provide machinery and technical expertise, while Naitiri Sugar will shoulder the burden of fuel and logistical support.

Speaking at Ndalu Catholic church, Governor Kenneth Lusaka emphasized the critical role improved roads play in the region’s development, stating, “The main problem of this area is the poor road network. Once this is fixed, it will greatly boost the region.”

Lusaka announced the expected completion of the Naitiri-Brigadier road by February on the county’s side, contingent upon the national government finalizing its portion.

He highlighted the completion of two bridges on the county’s stretch, expressing confidence in meeting the February deadline.

Meanwhile, the governor addressed the issue of education funding asserting that while the county remains committed to bursary programs, he encouraged parents to contribute towards school fees, to make education more accessible to a wider range of students.

Lusaka clarified the county’s primary focus in the education sector on early childhood development and vocational training.

He added that the county is in the process of recruiting 200 early childhood education teachers this year.

By Douglas Mudambo

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