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County government told to develop climate change policy

The County government of Homa Bay has been urged to develop a climate change policy to address climate issues in the region.

Environmentalists led by University of Nairobi don Clifford Omondi said lack of environmental policy had impeded efforts to tackle climate change with its resultant negative effects.

The lecturer of climatology said climate change contributed to droughts, floods, erratic rain patterns and rising temperatures.

Speaking during a media briefing in Homa-Bay town Tuesday, Omondi said adverse effects of climate change was a threat to food security due to fluctuating rainfall patterns.

The don was flanked by Willis Omulo, the Chairman of an environment lobby group dubbed Aluor Makare.

They argued that lack of a climate policy jeopardises the ability of the county government to combat adverse impact of climate change.

Omondi stressed that it is prudent for the County government of Homa Bay to work with relevant state and non-state actors in developing a climate change policy.

“Our county does not have a climate change policy and this negates adoption of measures to combat the impact of climate change,” Omondi said.

He urged the county administration to incorporate experts including environmental scientists and climatologists to formulate the policy, saying it should focus on adaption and resilience to impact of climate change.

“Without a policy on climate change, you cannot get funding and without funding, you cannot implement any development project to combat climate change,” Omondi said.

He said addressing climate change will enable farmers to plan ahead as the rainfall patterns will become predictable.

On his part, Omulo urged residents to take environmental conservation as a priority. “We must always ensure that our environment is clean by planting trees and taking care of the existing ones,” he emphasised.

By Davis Langat

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