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County plants 1,000 trees to mark World Tourism Day

Kisii County Government, in partnership with White Rose Tours and Travels and Kisii Primary School, has planted over 1000 trees to mark World Tourism Day 2023.

The annual celebration, whose theme this year is “Tourism and Green Investment,” saw the participants march within the streets of Kisii town to sensitise the residents on the importance of environmentally responsible tourism ventures.

Kisii County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Tourism, Industry, and Marketing Cyrus Nyabicha, who led the celebrations, said that tourism is a vital industry that contributes greatly to the global economy by creating jobs and fostering cultural exchange.

Mr. Nyabicha encouraged the area residents to engage in green investment, which prioritises and takes care of the environment in terms of sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendly infrastructure, such as renewable energy initiatives and re-afforestation.

“The world and indeed Kisii County stand to reap great benefits from green investments such as preservation of natural beauty, reduction of carbon in the atmosphere, and eco-tourism,” he said.

White Rose Tours and Travels Director, Amos Memba, noted the county has the capacity to develop community-based tourism and greener products of tourism, such as nature walks and cultural centres where the community can share their cultural activities with the outside world, thereby creating more investment opportunities.

Mr. Memba encouraged the residents to continuously engage in environmental conservation as a way of giving back to the community.

World Tourism Day is usually marked on September 27 every year to underscore the importance of tourism in a global sphere, including fostering connections, understanding diverse cultures, and promoting sustainable practices.

This year’s theme focused on the role of tourism in fostering a greener and more sustainable future for the planet through minimising the industry’s ecological footprint, promoting sustainable travel, and protecting natural and cultural heritage.

By Simon Nyabuto and Rutherford Moenga

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