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County Secretary’s Office closed for two weeks over Covid-19

Isiolo County Secretary’s offices have been closed down for two weeks after two officers contacted Covid-19.
Two more senior officers from the County government have reportedly shown positive signs and have already confirmed they have isolated themselves at home.
Cases of Covid-19 are on rise in the county in the last three weeks and the disease has caused the death of a nurse at Isiolo County Referral Hospital last week.
According to Communications Coordinator Mr. Hussein Salesa operations at the County Secretary’s office were suspended temporarily in accordance with the Ministry of Health policy on Covid-19.
He said that the rangers manning the gate were given instructions not to allow anybody to the office and the main gate remained closed.
The County Secretary, Dr. Ahmed Galgallo could not be reached for comments as his phone went unanswered.
Mr. Salesa said that samples for the employees at the CS offices had been taken to Nairobi for testing but the officers have already isolated themselves for fear of spreading the viral disease.
The chairman of the Retired Civil Servants Association Mr. Abdullahi Shalo called upon the County government to invest more in effort to fight the rising cases of Covid-19 pandemic in Isiolo town which he added was densely populated.
Shalo said that the county government’s department of health should resume sensitization and enforcement of the Ministry’s health measures to combat further spread.
He appealed to the national government to investigate Isiolo oxygen plant which the County government claims to be working but up to now the county is reportedly buying it from Meru.
The retirees’ boss said the National and County governments should collaborate in the effort to fight the disease.

By Abduba Mamo

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