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County takes war on Coronavirus a notch higher

Tharaka Nithi County has taken the war on coronavirus a notch higher by opening fumigating booths at the entry points from other counties and cautioning businesspeople against sale of fake sanitizers.
Governor Muthomi Njuki said the county government, with support from the national government, has heightened the precautions against the deadly virus by securing the entry points along the busy Embu-Meru highway
“It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous businessmen are either diluting chemicals or selling counterfeit ones to the innocent residents who have no idea about the alcohol content that should be contained in effective sanitizers,” said the governor.
Njuki who was speaking after commissioning of a fumigation booth provided by Supa Loaf Bakery at the entry point into Tharaka Nithi along the Embu-Meru highway Monday, cautioned those using the Covid-19 pandemic to exploit innocent citizens that their days were numbered.
“Whereas, there are quite a number of people who have lost their jobs under the coronavirus menace, there are other viable sources of income like agribusiness and hence there no excuse to engage in malpractices that expose innocent residents to the highly contagious virus,” said the governor.

A man walks past the fumigation booth.

He said there would be the post coronavirus times and those who shed laziness and engage in productive activities will have established long-term sources of income which would be for the economic good of their families and the county at large.
Njuki however urged the residents to share the available food with their neighbours during these difficult times because it would be inhuman to watch others die from hunger while one has their stores full.
“As we work as a multi-agency team of the two levels of government and well-wishers we to secure our boundaries against the pandemic humanity calls on good neighbourliness since we will still live together after this global threat is contained,” said the governor.
Present during the event was the Tharaka Nithi County Commissioner (CC) Ms. Beverly Opwora who cautioned those transporting food or other essential items to desist from carrying unauthorized goods or passengers to or out of the county.

The County commissioner stressed that even miraa transporting vehicles that were authorized to have only two people and those found ferrying people from Nairobi to the county would soon be apprehended and stern legal action would be taken against them.
“It is unfortunate that some of those delivering essential services, especially miraa vehicles are transporting items that are not on the list of their authorized goods but the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them,” warned Ms. Opwora.
The territorial Sales Manager of Supa Loaf Bakery Paul Kariuki said it was an honour to be able to protect their customers by working together with the county government of Tharaka Nithi by ensuring that everyone who uses that road would be safe from Coronavirus.
By Kenneth Marangu and Monicah Nyagah

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