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County to invest in social sectors to improve livelihoods

Governor Dhadho Godhana’s administration to prioritize projects that will improve the livelihoods of Tana River people.

Speaking to KNA, Finance and Economic Planning County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Mathew Babwoya revealed that their priority is to complete stalled projects in health, agriculture, education and infrastructure sectors.

“These are sectors that will help us to alleviate poverty and improve the incomes of Tana River people.  A small margin of our people are in business, many are farmers and pastoralists, they were affected by drought,” said the CECM.

The county wants to improve household economies thus it must invest in social sectors to lessen the burden of the people.

Tana River was one of the counties that were most affected by drought. Some 80,000 people have started to receive a monthly stipend of Ksh3000 from the national government.

Babwoya further said that they have been supporting farmers in value addition.

“We are investing in beehives for honey production. I urge people to invest in cereals not only for subsistence use but for commercial purposes too. We have cooperated with the EU to increase productivity in the milk and fish industries,’’ he said.

By Sadik Hassan

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