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County to issue 8,000 title deeds within Garissa municipality 

The count government of Garissa will soon issue at least 8,000 title deeds to plot owners within the municipality under the Kenya Informal settlements improvement programme.

            Out-going Lands CEC Abdi Farah said that the tittle deeds ‘are ready’ and will be issued to owners from five settlements within the municipality.

            Speaking during handing-over ceremony to new lands CEC Habiba Nasib, Omar said that more residents would benefit from the programme.

            The CEC said only a paltry 1,200 tittle deeds have so far been issued to the residents since independence.

            Omar who moves to Water and Irrigation docket said the major challenge and task for his successor would be dealing with land cartels who were using crooked means to frustrate government efforts to plan areas beyond the ring road.

            Scores of people have lost their lives following conflicts over land in the area. The latest skirmishes saw two people killed over ownership of a piece of land in the town.

            During the Mashujaa day celebrations last year, Garissa governor Ali Korane regretted that despite verbal warnings from both county and national government officers, land grabbing continued unabated.

            Habiba promised to ensure the successful completion of the on-going 3.5 km tarmac road, Orahey Market and proper solid waste management within the municipality.

            Last week, Governor Ali Korane made several changes to his cabinet where CEC Issa Dubow was moved from water to finance while Abdi Omar was moved from lands to water.

            Habiba Nasib was transferred from education to lands while Roble Nunow moved to health from finance. Other changes included Ahmenadhir Omar being transferred from health to the education.

            Korane said employees must focus on serving residents to ensure benefits reach the grassroots.

            The governor said he was keen to deliver on the promises he made to the electorate and warned that he would not hesitate to “crack the whip if need be on those out to sabotage his administration”.

            The governor stressed the importance of employees giving value for the money earned.

By Jacob Songok

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