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Covid-19 affects funding of children home

The emergence of Covid-19 has affected the funding of a children’s home in Trans Nzoia County.

The  Director of Precious Kids children’s home at Wamuini in Kiminini Sub County, Samantha Hammock said on Friday, that the main donors of the facility, mostly hosting children with a disability were from the US, where currently businesses have been affected by the global pandemic.

According to Samantha who runs the charity program through donations from well-wishers from California in the US, funding for the last two months had greatly reduced.

The home houses 117 disabled children in dire need of medical care as some of them have mental illnesses.

The home started in the year 2012 also runs a school for the children, some of whom are not even able to feed themselves.

“We have among the children at least two who are deaf and blind and we have employed two special needs teachers and social workers to handle them,” she said.

According to the director, funding has been reduced by a quarter and the management was finding it difficult to run operations.

I know funding has mainly been coming from the US but if we can get well-wishers from Kenya to support us we will really appreciate, Hammork told KNA at the home.

The home has 98 children with both mental and physical disabilities and workforce force of 40 teaching and non -teaching staff taking care of them.

Meanwhile, to contain the spread of COVID-19 at the children’s home, movement in and out of the locality has been minimized.

By  Pauline Ikanda

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