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Covid-19 disaster on the brim

As Covid-19 continues ravaging the nation, to the residents of Maili Nne, a small centre outside Eldoret town it seems usual norm.

            “It’s unfortunate to see people taking the pandemic casually without adhering to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. People move around without masks, No social distancing and unhygienic practices within market areas said Kimutai Melly, a school teacher.

            Mr Melly, lamented about the populace around the area not concerned about their health and that of their loved ones.

            He indicated the area is full of bustling activities, congregations are part of their normal routine. Churches and Mosques congregate with worshipers not wearing masks and observing social distancing during prayer services.

            Weddings and chamas are conducted almost daily and nothing is done about it.

            “People want to see others drop dead to embrace the measures that are in place. It’s unfortunate for me to see my neighbours taking the risk too far”, Atieno Owiyo lamented.

            She noted that the police are on the move but theirs is to solicit money from the prey they encounter in the area. People get away with as little as Sh100 as a safety jab and law enforcers seem to be alright with that.

            A spot check indicated the area has relaxed on enforcing safety measures. At some point people wear masks but no social distancing. Some hug and even share drinks.

            “Our able governor recently insisted people should follow the measures placed to contain the spread of the virus seriously,” said Melly.

            Governor Mandago at some point insisted old folks in society should minimize movement and remain indoors.

By Hassan Adan Ali

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