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Crackdown on bogus lawyers begins

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has officially launched a campaign geared towards fishing out people who masquerade as advocates in the country.

The hunt comes after several allegations of people masquerading as advocates and claiming to have the ability to represent citizens in courts of law being on the increase with unlicensed practitioners having also been reported to have been practicing law and representing clients in courts of law.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Eric Theuri said that the society will ensure all those who are practicing law without licenses will be arrested, and the society will oppose their release. This is because, once they have been released, they go and operate in another town.

He also sounded a warning to students who have not been admitted to the society yet by asking them to desist from representing clients in court.

“Any student still undergoing training should wait for their admission to the LSK before practicing. Failure to adhere to this, we will ensure that you are not admitted to the society,” Theuri Warned.

Council member and officer in charge of practice standards at LSK, Linda Kiome, reported that they have so far raided four offices, of which three people have been arrested.

She insisted that the LSK is not ready to share their credits with those who don’t have licenses for practice.

“We are not ready to share our bread and butter with people who don’t have licenses. Relevant measures have been put in place to ensure that citizens are protected from such quacks,” said Kiome.

Citizens have been urged to be careful when engaging with people who claim to be advocates. The LSK portal can be used to check whether a person is viable to practice law. Citizens are also urged to confirm with the portal whether or not they are allowed to practice law during that year.

“Each law practitioner is given a number each year after renewing their license of practice. We urge Kenyans to confirm with the LSK portal before entrusting their case to anyone for representation in court,” said Muriithi.

LSK warned that the campaign is set to be continuous and will go on as long as the masqueraders continue to work in Kenya.

By Enrica Amisi

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