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CS Mutua says UN Statement on protests was misleading

Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua has refuted allegations made by the Office of United Nations Human Rights (OHCHR) in a statement over the anti-government protests.

Addressing the media at the Ministry’s headquarters, the CS termed the statement as unsubstantiated and misleading as it is void of truth of the situation.

“This statement was not only inaccurate but misleading and appeared to have been written in support of a propaganda campaign by people opposed to the democratic will of the people,” said Mutua.

In the statement on 14th July 2023, the spokesperson of OHCHR in Geneva stated that 23 people have been killed and dozens injured in the demonstration in some parts of Kenya.

The spokesperson further alleged that police meted out unnecessary and disproportionate use of force on the protestors terming it as widespread violence.

On the same note, the CS said that the violent demonstrators have attacked innocent members of the public, looted and destroyed private property, and attacked and injured police officers who were on duty to ensure law and order while posing questions to the UN as to why the Spokesperson was blind to these. “Has that office fallen prey to propaganda and being used to lay ground for a smear campaign?” he posed.

“These violent actions by a few paid goons have been politically instigated by known architects of violence and therefore cannot be categorized as peaceful assembly as alleged by the spokesperson,” Mutua stated.

“Far from it, what we have witnessed are violent protests with those involved carrying all manner of crude weapons. We have seen goons destroy a highway with no police around,” he added.

He at the same time noted that the government of Kenya will endeavor to protect the rights of individuals engaged in peaceful assembly and peaceful protests whilst maintaining public safety law and order in line with the constitution of Kenya, and as provided for in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The Ministry has protested the statement by the office of the Spokesperson while ensuring that they will be engaging through appropriate channels to ensure that the international community is not sucked into conspiracies that are aimed at destabilizing the nation.

“We also urge our international friends to closely scrutinize the architects of insurrection and anti-democratic elements when they wish to visit their countries and not to allow some of them to go and taint their democratic principles,” Mutua remarked.

He said that since the Kenya Kwanza Government took office ten months ago, President Dr. William Ruto has engaged the international community and greatly succeeded in promoting Kenya as an attractive trade and investment destination. The net effect of this has led to an array of new opportunities that are having a positive impact on our economy.

“Just this morning, the President met with Ambassador Katherine Tai, the Principal Trade Advisor and Spokesperson on US Trade Policy. At the Ministry Headquarters, I have just signed a Host Country agreement with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that makes Nairobi the Regional Headquarters of one of the largest philanthropic organizations and held meetings with diplomats from the United Nations and bilateral partners,” said Mutua.

By Hamdi Mohamud

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