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CS Mvurya initiates minerals royalty committee

The Ministry of Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) Salim Mvurya today briefed the public concerning the inauguration of the Minerals Royalty Multi-agency team.

The CS stated that the Committee’s responsibility is to work on a framework of royalty sharing to clarify the gray areas in the sharing of 10 per cent among local communities.

“The Mining Act of 2016 provided a framework for national government, county government and local communities however, the Act does not provide modalities concerning sharing once the royalties are collected,” explained Mvurya.

He added that the aim of the multi-agency team is to work on an effective framework to manage the royalty sharing

The CS clarified that 70 per cent of the royalties goes to the national government while the remaining 20 per cent and 10 per cent is still not clearly spelled out for the county government and local communities respectively..

Mvurya pointed out that the multi-agency team was appointed last year which, upon its findings, revealed that 20 per cent of the royalties to county governments does not require any framework or change of legislation.

“The Attorney General advised that the 20 per cent to county government is within the public finance management,” added Mvuyra.

The CS also mentioned that the multi-agency team has representation from the National Treasury and Economy Planning, Council of governors, Attorney General, Ministry of Industrialization and Commission of Revenue Allocation.

He disclosed that the taskforce is aiming to complete the task in the next three months for regulation then work with the National Assembly for its implementation.

By Trepher Leslie and Garvin Patrick

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