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CS Namwamba pledges to preserve Luhya cultural heritage

Sports, Culture, and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba has said that the cultural beliefs of communities should be preserved.

Speaking at the Bukusu Cultural Centre in Bungoma on Saturday during the Bukusu festival, Namwamba said that culture is what identifies our character and promised to support sports and the Luhya cultural heritage.

He said that the Luhya community has a beautiful cultural heritage that his Ministry has embarked on improving.

Namwamba announced that the Kenya Cultural Centre will work with the Bungoma County government to develop a vibrant cultural centre at Sang’alo to be used in documenting, preserving, and celebrating the Luhya culture.

He added,” I have only come here to confirm that my Ministry will support all cultural activities in this region.”

The Sports CS pointed out that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about our culture, adding that we instead have so many things about the Luhya culture to showcase to the world, citing the amazing and lovely Luhya music.

Namwamba gave an example of the Luhya hit song ‘Vaida” that has been heard across the country and the world and that people enjoy listening to so much.

“Today, Vaida is the biggest hit that makes people go wild when they listen to it, and that is the sweetness in it,” he said.

Namwamba stated that the government has also come up with the Talanta Hela initiative to ensure that Kenyan artists are supported to earn and live a decent life.

To support sporting activities in Bungoma, CS Namwamba said that his ministry will partner with Governor Lusaka’s administration to develop Mt. Elgon High Altitude Centre into an academy that will help in training different kinds of sporting activities.

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka urged residents to uphold culture as a tool for cultivating morality in society.

“Culture is everything; our heritage binds us to our roots; it instills discipline and morality. Let us pride ourselves in it, for the sake of our future generations,” he said.

Lusaka said culture should be fully embraced as it plays a vital role in moulding community values and standards.

“We are a product of the good values of our rich culture. The outlined dos and don’ts provide a baseline within which we operate,” Lusaka said.

The Governor complimented the art industry for its enormous contribution to his election bid, leadership, and development agenda and made a commitment to support them.

“My administration is keen on nurturing and cultivating talents across the county,” Lusaka said.

Bungoma CEC for Gender, Sports, and Culture Agnes Wachiye said that similar festival activities will be revolving across the entire county so that all communities residing in Bungoma feel included.

The Bukusu cultural centre at Kamukuywa in Kimilili Constituency was started purposefully by Professor Bonaventure Kerre to uphold the Bukusu cultural heritage.

“This centre offers our people an avenue to come learn about their own culture,” Prof. Kerre said.

The festival was also attended by the Kenya Cultural Centre CEO, Michael Pundo, former UNCTAD secretary-general Dr. Mikhisa Kituyi, and former Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli, among others.

By Roseland Lumwamu

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