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Dairy Boards accuses milk processor over poor milk prices

Dairy  Boards in Nyandarua County have faulted milk processing companies over the deteriorating raw milk prices facing dairy farmers in the last two months.

The boards have accused the companies of importing milk from other countries hence lowering demand of produce from the local farmers.

According to New Ngorika Milk Producer’s Limited Manager, Margaret Ndung’u, the companies were still buying milk at a lower price that had resulted them to extend the pinch to the farmers.

“We are experiencing problems due to the milk processors as we understand that most of them are bringing in milk from other countries which has resulted to lowering the demand of the milk being produced locally,” said the manager.

She added that the processors were still buying milk from them at a lower price hence forcing the boards to buy the commodity at a much lower price.

The boards have called upon the county administration to establish milk processing companies where they will be selling the produce at a better price.

A spot check has revealed that a litre of milk that was retailing between Shs.38 and Shs.35 in the last few months was now retailing at between Shs.17 and Shs.20 per litre.

Dairy farmers have mourned the prices noting that they were discouraged by the mysterious frequent drop while the farm inputs and animal feeds were sky-rocketing.

“I am not able to buy milk produce supplements for my dairy cows which has resulted to low milk production in my farm,” noted James Kariuki, a dairy farmer, attributing it to low returns on milk sale.

The farmers noted that they were feeling dejected and exploited and it was high time some form of milk price regulation be adopted.

“If the government adopts a fixed price by which we farmers could sell our produce, it could be a boost to dairy farming rather than the day to day price fluctuations,” said Kariuki.

They also called on the county administration to mend the current situation of the roads noting that milk transportation from the villages was another challenge.

By  Jesse Mwitwa

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