Dairy farmers given heifers to boost milk production

Agriculture Counties County Development Information Coordination Committee Editor's Pick Elgeyo Marakwet

Dairy farmers in Kapchemutwa Ward in Iten, Keiyo North Sub- County have received 33 high quality heifers as a way of boosting milk production in the County.

The heifers both Friesian and Ayrshire breed which have been given to the farmers aims at boosting the average milk production from three litres to seven liters.

The Chief Officer for Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives, Dr. Benson Kibore, said that the intervention for boosting milk production was to source for higher performance heifers from an area that has a potential for higher milk production.

He added that genetics plays a huge role in milk production and after sorting out the issue through high performance heifers all the other required needs will fall into place thus increase in milk production.

“To ensure that we move forward as a County we advise our farmers appropriately and deliver the right technical information so that we are able to achieve the seven litre average per family,” said Dr. Kibore.

Dr Kibore noted that by reaching the average milk production per household, the living standards and livelihoods of the families will also be uplifted.

“Currently we are doing 170,000 litres per day as a County and we intend to move the number up to 200,000 litres per day in a short period of time,” added Dr. Kibore.

He said the cattle delivered to the farmers were vaccinated against the East Coast Fever because the County had established that the disease is prevalent in the area.

“We lose Sh 300 million shillings each year to this disease,” said the Chief Office, adding that there is need of protecting the new genetic pool hence the cattle have been vaccinated before giving them to the farmers.

Dr. Kibore said the Department is also pushing the County Government to hire more extension officers who will teach the farmers on how to make dairy feeds as well as invest in a laboratory to help in testing for aflatoxin and for ensuring the quality of milk produced is of high quality.

By Rennish Okong’o


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