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‘Dead Man’ Returns Home Few Weeks After his Burial

Daniel Olima,26, was reported to have been shot by police on April 29 over his alleged involvement in criminal activity.

His family in Apokor village in Teso North, Busia County, upon receiving the news about his alleged death, visited the morgue, mistakenly confirmed that it was him and went ahead with the burial, but a shocking incident happened, Saturday, June 5, 2021, where the person who was allegedly killed and buried was spotted alive.

Daniel Olima, presumed ‘dead man’ from Busia speaking to journalists in Busia after resurfacing. Photo by Absalom Namwalo

“We thought he was a ghost, nobody moved near him until his mother confirmed he was his son,” said Benjamin Ebere.

Daniel said he was shocked after news reached him that he was dead and buried while on his daily hustle.

“I was informed by someone who saw me at the carwash that they had buried me at home, out of disbelieve, I had to come home and confirm the situation,” said Daniel

He received a cold reception at home as nobody was willing to embrace a man they thought had died.

Daniel now lives at a nearby market awaiting Iteso rituals to be performed in order to reconsider him back in the society.

Residents of Apokor village in Teso North, Busia County are living in fear trying to puzzle out who the notorious criminal who was allegedly shot dead by police is and whose body was buried.

On April 29, police confirmed thugs attacked Angurai Market. Fortunately, police officers responded in time and managed to kill one of them.

“This means that whoever was buried, was not the thug, I would like to ask police officers in Teso North to find out who was shot dead and who his accomplices are, so that we can get to the bottom of this matter, once and for all,” said Okale, a villager.

The family is waiting for the body to be exhumed to allow them to continue with cleansing rituals to accommodate Daniel back into home and the society.

By Absalom Namwalo

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