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Deputy Governor champions women’s empowerment in business

Elgeyo Marakwet County Deputy Governor Grace Cheserek has asked women to invest in cooperative societies.

To promote economic empowerment among women in business, the Deputy Governor urged female entrepreneurs to invest in cooperative societies during a training session on savings conducted by Absa Bank at Iten.

Addressing the gathering of businesswomen, Prof Cheserek emphasised the potential for growth and financial stability through collaborative efforts within cooperative unions.

She stressed the idea that pooling resources allows for collective growth, making it easier for women to build substantial business empires from their savings while also gaining access to affordable loans.

Elgeyo Marakwet County, Deputy Governor Prof Grace Cheserek speaking to the women in business during the meeting

“I encourage you to save as little as Sh50 daily from your business to grow your shares, which will allow you to borrow more,” Prof Cheserek advised the attendees, underlining the importance of consistent and disciplined saving habits.

The Deputy Governor’s call for unity and financial prudence resonated with Anita Kurgat, a businesswoman, who highlighted the challenges many businesses face, especially startups, in the current harsh business environment.

Kurgat expressed gratitude for the Deputy Governor’s guidance and stressed the need for practical solutions to navigate through tough times.

Prof Cheserek urged the women to explore opportunities provided by both the County and National governments to increase their business.

She revealed that the County has secured 30 percent of all tenders specifically for women and individuals with special interests.

“Please take advantage of them. Make sure you apply for what you can effectively complete on time,” she concluded.

By Rennish Okong’o

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