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Desert Locusts Invade Farms in Moyale Sub- County

A swarm of desert locusts on Thursday afternoon invaded vegetable farms at Heillu Mansille Kinisa and Oddha areas of Moyale Sub-County.

            The residents have expressed concern and fear over destruction of their crops by the 4pm incident of the desert locusts believed to have emanated from the neighbouring Ethiopia.

            Moyale Assistant County Commissioner (ACC I) David Mutuku who toured the areas said that the swarms were first spotted flying from Ethiopia by farmers who were in their farms at Mansille village along the Kenya –Ethiopia border.

The farmers said the swarm then broke into two and some flew towards Oddha while others headed to Kinisa.

            The locusts were first spotted in Heillu and Mansille villages last month then they disappeared to Ethiopia and were destroying any green vegetation they came across including Maize, trees and grass.

            A farmer whose vegetable farm was invaded by the locusts Aden Kalla at Kinisa area said this is the second time saying on December 29, last year the locusts invaded the area but the residents were able to chase them away and appealed to both the national and the County governments to move with speed and assist in curbing the spread of the pests.

            “We need both National and County governments to move fast and spray the locusts as they have started destroying our crops and scaring people, the insects will make us live in abject poverty,” Aden said.

A pastoralist, Abdullahi Mohammed said they are now starring at a possible drought since the pasture they got from last year’s rainfall is being consumed by the locusts.

However the ACC I David Mutuku has assured residents to be calm as the government struggles to control the situation, saying that the locust menace would be eradicated soon by the government

            Mutuku said the relevant government has been contacted and was optimistic that a quick action of controlling the insects from invading more areas within the sub-county have been met with urgency.

by Gatana Muchira

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