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Detectives discover 12 graves in embattled pastor mackenzi’s farm

Homicide detectives have discovered 12 graves believed to be those of followers of embattled preacher Paul Nthenge Makenzi of the Good News International Church.

The graves were discovered in an 800-acre parcel of land that is alleged to belong to the controversial pastor, who is accused of practicing cult-like faith that forced its members to fast till they, according to him, meet Jesus Christ.

They were located in different areas among them thickets, near the homes of the pastor’s followers while others were hidden in hard-to-reach areas.

During an operation that took almost the whole of Wednesday, four more badly famished people were rescued and rushed to the Malindi Sub County Hospital where they are receiving treatment.

The operation is being led by the Director of the Homicide Division of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Mr. Martin Nyaguto, and he said it may take three consecutive days to establish whether there are more graves in the sprawling forest that has been the abode of Makenzi’s followers since 2019.

Families of victims who are yet to know the whereabouts of their kin have asked the government to do everything possible to get their relatives, dead or alive.

Pastor Makenzi is being held at the Malindi Police Station after Malindi Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Usui Monday granted the police 14 days to hold Makenzi and six of his followers to complete investigations.

Seven other ardent followers of the embattled pastor who had refused to eat while in hospital and at the police station were also ordered to remain in police custody to allow the officers’ time to get counsellors for them.

By Emmanuel Masha

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