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Differently enabled

Dependency of other people to perform tasks makes people living with disability (PWD) more vulnerable to covid-19.

The Nakuru County Chairman for PWD, Joseph Ogutu said because of being more vulnerable, since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country, they are spending more money on sanitisers and masks than other members of society to keep themselves safe.

Commending the government for the regular cash transfers he feared the Sh2,000 they receive on a monthly basis was now being spent on self- protection against the disease rather than purchasing basic needs as it was originally meant for.

He requested for relief food for the members to cover for the deficit.

Ogutu claims even when relief food was available, distribution was a challenge to PWDs because more often than not, there was scrambling for the same which they were unable to do hence they often missed out.

He urged governors to consider putting aside any donations for their members and label it clearly as PWD relief assistance so that it went directly to them.

He was speaking during an interview in Nakuru town.

By Veronica Bosibori

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