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Director of ICT attends e-filling event in Kiambu

The Director of ICT in the Ministry of ICT and the Digital Economy Andrew Opiyo said that the e-filing system marks an important step in the judicial system’s ability to adopt technological advancement into their systems

“Speaking at the launch of the e-filing systems in Kiambu town, he said “E-filing is moving us to the digital age and is in line with our government’s bottom-up approach in the transformation of the lives of people in this country through the continued implementation of the digital superhighway and creative economy,”

He highlighted the importance of the Digital superhighway and its pillars in the progression of digitization in Kenya elaborating on developments such as the laying down of 100,000 km of cabling to improve connectivity across the country.

Additionally, the government is also aiming to install 25,000 wifi hubs throughout the country that will offer free internet to the people as well as add 1.450 digital hubs within the wards in the country that will enable access

“By increasing the coverage, we have in the country for Kenyans to access the internet will allow them to easily access the government’s numerous digital services which are necessary for all and the e-filling system is one that they will encounter,” he added

Opiyo said that in line with the pillars of the Digital superhighway plan the government has plans to continue improving the digital skills of the citizens and of the people who offer these services to the citizens.

“We will continue to work closely with the Judiciary and all judicial systems within the country to improve and implement their digitalization agenda and transform the space through increasing connectivity of the courts across the country.” he said.

He said that another point of improvement that the Ministry is looking toward is coming up with online courts to help those who may be unable to access the physical court as a step towards making the justice system more accessible to Kenyans

“Here we have many people who may not be able to come to this location but through engaging with our youth who have assisted with the transcription processes and capturing the proceedings we can have the courts online and people can have an easy time accessing this important information.” he said.

The government will continue to automate digital processes as it continues to achieve the goal of having 5000 services online.

By Cedric Karungaru

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