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Disharmony in Marriages

The increasing disharmony and chaotic marriage relationships in the county may deny some people entry into heaven because the bitterness, resentment and sullenness have the capacity of drawing such couples away from the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mwangi Munene, a marriage counsellor said he has noted with concern the high number of young couples who after a number of scuffles and brawls stray away from the church.

He urged conflicting couples to cease blaming God and the church for their failed marriages adding that despite it being one of the ordained institutions by the Almighty, right away from creation, some people may miss heaven; simply because they got married.

However, he appealed to such tussling and wrestling couples to always remember that the Saviour has a lot of respect for sinners’, and when things go south, irrespective of the perceived cause, He still cares.

Giving the story of the Adulterous Woman in the book of John 8: 1-11, he said despite the law of Moses demanding that she be stoned. The Saviour stopped to her level on the ground, to show His respect for her despite the accusations.

Speaking today during a marriage counselling service he, urged couples to always remember that despite their suffering and resentment; heaven has a place for them. Hence, there isn’t any good reason for leaving the church or blaming God for their predicament.

Apart, from that, he appealed to couples to endeavor to create harmonies in their homes instead of turning them into battlegrounds. Adding that no matter what happens killing each other should not be anywhere near their choices.

Moreover, he said the Christmas season, which has nothing to do with the date of birth of the Messiah, appears to be the heightened scrupling period for couples due to unacceptable financial pressures.

By Veronica Bosibori

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