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Displaced Flood Victims Finally get help

The County Government of Garissa in collaboration with the national government, UNICEF and the Kenya Red Cross has started distribution of food and non-food items to flood victims displaced after river Tana burst its bank last weekend.

Over 1,000 families from Bula Punda, Bula Iftin, Bouralgy, Bula Sheikh and Windsor whose houses were submerged in flood waters are camping in 7 IDP camps within Ziwani and Bakuyu whose residents are administered from Tana River County being the worst hit.

The victims are camped at Hyuga primary, Young Muslim, Kazuku, NEP technical institute. In neighbouring Mororo of Tana River County the families are camped by the Garissa – Nairobi highway roadside.

According to Garissa County commissioner Meru Mwangi the delay was occasioned by the enlisting of the affected families after it emerged that more than half of the victims in the 2017 floods were ‘fake’.

Garissa deputy governor Abdi Dagane (2nd from left) hands over relief kit to one of the flood victims at Young Muslim camp before addressing the victims. More than 1000 families in Garissa and neighboring Tana River County have been displaced by floods after river Tana burst its banks last weekend.

“We didn’t want to repeat the same mistake as it happened in 2017. It’s unfortunate that some greedy individuals are taking advantage of others misfortunes to reap where they didn’t sow,” Mwangi said.

Garissa county deputy governor Abdi Dagane who witnessed the distribution at Young Muslim camp today called on residents still residing in the lowlands to move to higher grounds to avert disaster as the water levels were expected to continue to rise.

Dagane urged the national government to airlift relief food and non-food items to flood victims in Hulugho, Liboi, Amuma, Galmagalla and Sangailu that have been cut off due to the recent heavy rains.

Water Authority CEO Mohamed Shurie has warned residents’ downstream river Tana to vacate as Masinga dam is likely to overflow in the next 2 days.

Each household received one kit containing a kitchen set, jericans, soap, mats, blankets and tents. They were also given rice, beans, maize, maize flour, and cooking oil.

Garissa deputy county commissioner Samwel Njuguna who was present during the food distribution assured residents that they need not worry in the face of the disaster saying the government would offer the necessary assistance.

“We are here to give support to areas where there has been serious devastation to the infrastructure and villages that have been overwhelmed totally by the floods. The work of the government is to ensure the safety of its population and their property,” Njuguna said.

By Jacob Songok

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