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Don’t give up your seats to politicians, clergy told

The clergy have been discouraged from giving preferential treatment to politicians when they attend church services or other functions at religious sanctuaries.
Bishop Stanley Michael Michuki of the Hope Restoration International Church criticised a section of pastors and bishops who have formed the habit of giving up their seats to politicians whenever the politicians show up in church.
“In my organisation, l have given instructions that no pastor or bishop will rise up and give up his seat to a politician; let them keep to their seats and politicians can speak when given an opportunity but not politics,” Bishop Michuki said.
He was speaking on Saturday at Mweiga Stadium in Nyeri County during the consecration of Bishop Erastus Njoroge of the Four Way Church to an Archbishop.
Bishop Michuki said politicians should not be allowed to talk politics in churches and should be treated like other faithful.
“It is difficult to stop politicians from coming to church but it is another thing altogether to tell them not to speak politics,” the Bishop stated.
He observed that though some politicians are church members, he however insisted that the clergy should remain firm that politics be kept out of worship places.
The man of the cloth exonerated the clergy from accusations of manipulating the Gospel but added that there are a few who are doing so for financial gains.
Bishop Michuki urged the government to deal firmly with rogue pastors who commit offences.
Speaking after his consecration, Bishop Erastus Njoroge said he would stand steadfast and speak for the Church.
Bishop Njoroge added that he would counsel the government in power where it goes wrong, pray for it and guard the integrity of the Church.
He faulted the close relationship that has evolved between politicians and the Church adding that when friends develop close relations, they shy away from pointing out the mistakes the other is committing.
By Mwangi Gaitha

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