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Dr. Barchok, the fresh face of maternal healthcare

The  recently sworn in Bomet Governor, Dr. Hillary Barchock has pledged to promote maternal and child health care in a bid to check pregnancy related deaths.

Dr. Barchok, who was sworn in two weeks ago following the death of her predecessor, Dr. Joyce Laboso, has asserted that deaths resulting from lack of or inaccessible medical aid to mothers giving birth, should be stopped.

He said that maternal deaths were uncalled for in view of the fact that the Department of Health was a devolved function and therefore, his administration would guarantee that all mothers gave birth to healthy babies in a hygienic and well equipped medical facility.

In the past, he said, there have been challenges of accessing medical facilities due to muddy and impassable roads, a fact, he said, drove many women to opt for outmoded midwives to help them give birth.

The  leader  said  Dr. Laboso’s two-year leadership saw over 700 kilometres of road network either murramed or tarmacked, which, in part, was geared towards assisting mothers and children get access to health centers, dispensaries as well as County and Sub-County hospitals.

In  light of the pledge, Dr. Barchok has recapped his commitment to Dr. Joyce Laboso’s affirmation which gives priority to creation of Mother and Child Health facility, the project funded by both tiers of Government.

The funding by the National Government was validated by Deputy President, Dr. William Ruto who said Sh. 500 million will be extended towards instituting the facility while Bomet would also donate the same amount.

Through partnership with Procter and Gamble (P&G), the County Government has also stepped up its sensitization program coxswained towards reaching out to over 45 000 mamas with information on necessities for immunization, skin care, sleep and breast-feeding.

By extension, the program also pursues 35 000 school going girls with all year sanitary pads as well as adolescence education and monetary knowledge.

The  goal here is to ensure that the girls, who Dr. Barchok terms as the most susceptible in case of teenage pregnancy, remains in schools in days of menses as well as avoid trading sex for pads as witnessed in some past cases.

Dr. Joseph  Sitonik, the County Executive for Health  said over the weekend that long were the days when mothers trooped to Longisa County Referral Hospital for emergencies such as caesarian section operation.

Dr. Sitonik said several Sub-County Hospitals, including Ndanai, Irwaga, Kapkoros, Sigor and Tegat were now able to execute the caesarian operation, services that not only saves lives and resources but also serves to decongest Longisa Hospital.

These steps were possible, he said, through the determination by the County Government not only in hiring qualified medical workforce but also in providing indispensable equipment and medications.

By  Kipngeno  Korir

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