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Drowned Boy Recovered in Narok River

Police in Narok North Sub County recovered the body of a 15-year-old boy, three days after he drowned in River Narok.

The Sub County Police Commander Frederick Kibenei said the search for the body began on Friday when he reportedly slipped into the river in Limanet area near Narok town.

“The young boy was grazing when he slipped into the flooded river. Since then, we have been searching for the body in the deep waters,” said Kibenei.

He said the decomposed body was recovered Monday besides the river a few meters from the point of drowning and was taken to the Narok County Referral Hospital.

“We had organized for a specialized group of divers to come and help in retrieving the body. However, we thank God that today the body was found floating besides the river,” said Kibenei.

He called on residents to be vigilant while crossing flooded water paths during this rainy season to avoid being swept by the raging water.

“You should be careful while crossing any river no matter how small it looks. Some seasonal rivers that look calm are the most dangerous ones,” said the Police commandant.

He reiterated many deaths reported caused by drowning could be avoided if people were careful and avoided routes where they had to cross a swollen river.

At the same time, Kibenei called on the residents to be careful not to send young children to graze far from home during this season when the rains are being experienced in the afternoon hours.

“Ensure your livestock is not grazing far from home in the afternoon hours as hundreds of cows, goats and sheep have been swept in the past by flood waters,” added the police boss.

According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) in the year 2017, 40 people drown in the world every hour, three of them being young people.

By Ann Salaton

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