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Duale, Korane declare ‘ceasefire’

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale and Garissa Governor Ali Korane have agreed to set aside their political differences and work together after months of bickering between the duo.

In a meeting presided over by Abduwak clan elder Sultan Dekow Maalim and widely snubbed by Members of Parliament and ward representatives, the two said they have put behind their differences for the sake of development.

Clan elders from various sub-clans were also invited with hundreds of people jamming the hall at Sultan’s residence.

The meeting planners kept journalists away saying it was purely a clan reconciliation process, however those in the meeting told the KNA that the two leaders promised to stop feuding despite raising critical issues.

Korane said in their political differences, they have dragged each other in the mud with all manner of accusations but added all this is now behind them.

“All manner of issues have been said but today I appreciate the work done by local elders because bad politics have divided us so much. All our differences are now history and we will work together,” Governor Korane told the gathering.

Sources who attended the meeting said Duale raised issues that he noted have not been resolved. He said a section of elders and Members of the County Assembly were attacking his character and damaging his reputation.

“I had requested this meeting so that we resolve all these matters. Those who injured my character and reputation should have apologized but that has not happened,” Duale said.

Duale however said he had swallowed all those issues he had against the governor and county administration and promised to work and foster unity amongst the communities in the county.

Former Army Commander General Mohamud Mohamed was spearheading a deal to reconcile the two leaders who come from the same sub-clan and who were also elected on Jubilee coalition ticket.

However, the meeting was snubbed by Members of Parliament and ward representatives who, sources said, are opposed to the ‘handshake’.

By Kinyungu Kithendu

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