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 EACC impostor arrested in Kilifi

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Officers Thursday stormed a house in Kilifi town and arrested a middle aged man for allegedly extorting money from members of the public by impersonating EACC officers.
North Coast EACC officers in Malindi ransacked the house of Charles Odongo Olonde at 5am and interrogated him before driving him to the Malindi EACC offices for further questioning.
Speaking to the press Thursday, North Coast EACC regional manager Mr. Gichangi Njeri said that Odongo’s arrest was instigated by several complaints from Kilifi residents to EACC and police that the suspect was taking money from the public and government officers.
“We had received complaints and we have taken up the allegations for thorough investigations,” he said adding that it was an offence for people to impersonate officers with the aim of soliciting money from the public.
While officers were interrogating Odongo at the scene, police had hectic time controlling the angry crowd that was heard claiming to have severally been threatened with arrest by Odongo.
“He lied to us that he is a senior police officer and everyone in Kilifi town welcomed his lies including the police,” claimed a resident.
The residents also said that Odongo was living a showy life and was always surrounded by women and had parties every day.
“We want to finish him here because we have suffered so much under him. He abuses everyone he comes across and our efforts to report him to authorities took so long to bear fruits,” cried a resident.
Several sim-cards and identification documents were recovered from the house for further investigations.
However, Odongo, who has been on the EACC radar for three months said he had not impersonated anyone but was only doing his work as a police informer.
One of his job identity cards showed that he is a psychologist at the Kilifi College of Accountancy and offers guiding and counseling services.
Mr. Njeri also asked members of the public to report any suspicious characters at the EACC offices in Malindi.
“I want to warn others who are doing the same that their days are numbered and very soon we shall come for them,” he added.
By James Mwalimu/Simon Guruba


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