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ECDE centers in Kajiado to be regulated

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centers in Kajiado County, will soon be mandated to have a license to operate in the County.

The new regulations by the Kajiado County government are aimed at bridging the existing gaps in Early Childhood Development Education institutions within Kajiado County by the implementation of the Kajiado County Early Childhood Education Bill, 2022.

Nominated member of County assembly for Ewuaso Kedong Grace Salau, has said licensing of day care centers, will help to improve the quality of education in early childhood education and care centers within the county, for children aged six years and below.

“Early childhood education is devolved as a function of the County government and the Early Childhood Education Bill, 2022 will create systems that guide operations of day care centers,” Salau said.

According to Kajiado county assembly lawyer Grace Reson, ECDE institutions will be mandated to meet specified operational standards to be issued with a license from the Department of Education.

“Those seeking to operate ECDE institutions will have their institutions evaluated for standards like safety before they are issued with licenses. ECDE institutions will also be required to have a register with names of all the children to increase accountability,” said Reson.

In a collaborative effort to improve the quality of education at ECDE institutions in Kajiado County, the curriculum to be used at ECDE institutions in Kajiado will be created by the Department of Education, with the involvement of stakeholders from the Ministry of Education.

By Gworo Alice

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