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ECDE pupils get porridge flour worth 10 million

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has donated 5500 bags of porridge flour worth Sh10 million for pupils in 503 Early Childhood Developments Education (ECDE) to mitigate acute malnutrition amongst children.

Speaking during the donation, Lonyangapuo said the county targets over 100,000 children who face hunger as many families are experiencing food shortage and water following a long drought.

West Pokot Governor, Prof. John Lonyangapuo flags off Porridge flour worth 10 Million meant for ECDE pupils across the region. Photo By Anthony Melly

“We have a data which shows that a large number of children in the county suffers from malnutrition which can result to effects of stunted growth and other diseases amongst children,’’ Lonyangapuo said.

The governor said that the flour contains a total of 21 minerals and calories that helps in fighting malnutrition, especially among children suffering from undernourishment.

He said his administration is planning to equip all 1300 ECDE classrooms in the region with chairs and other equipment required. The Director for Early Childhood and Development Education, Philemon Lotuto pointed out the need to invest in children and urged all parents to take an active role in their children’s education.

He further said more ECDE centres will be built near homes so as to shorten the distance covered by young pupils in search of education.

ECDE teacher, Pamela Chamel commended the governor for putting more resources into schools and by investing in infrastructures and by hiring more teachers in the region.

By Anthony Melly and Robert Kiprop

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