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Education stakeholders recommend for CBC reforms

Nyamira County Kenya Primary Schools Head Association (KEPSHA) chairperson Job Oira, has said that though the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) intentions were good, it was an expensive initiative in the implementation phase.

Mr Oira noted the practical materials needed for study by learners have to be bought by parents who are finding it difficult to provide each item needed for all the subjects.

He also said that the transition age of learners from day schools to boarding schools to join junior secondary schools was too young and suggested that the junior secondary should be domiciled in primary schools.

At the same time, he suggested that there should be adequate training and deployment of teachers with right curriculum content so that they can teach the learners while in day schools.

Mr Oira also proposed that the Digital Learning Programme (DLP) should be extended up to junior secondary so that learners can grasp ICT knowledge and skills to enable them navigate with ease, the technology world sphere which has become a mandatory necessity for daily operations.

National Chairperson for Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA), Margaret Gesare, suggested that they should reduce the content for learners because it is too wide for them to cover within a very short period.

“Private schools should also be considered for all other government programmes, like supplying of DLP gadgets,” she said, adding, “assessment of learners should be graded out of 100 percent mark in the final examination to avoid manipulation of grades in the current system where learners’ final grade will be marked out of 60 percent and the remaining 40 percent be obtained from classwork assessment.”

The public participation forum held at Sironga Girls High School attracted many stakeholders comprising of students of all levels of learning, teachers’ union officials, education administrators’ officials, lecturers’ unions, parents, religious leaders, business community, civil society members, various professional association officials and various heads of departments to give their views and opinions on reforms they would like implemented in the education sector.

The team leader for the working party on education reforms for Nyamira County, Dr Richard Githenji said the turn up of participating stakeholders was commendable noting, they were well prepared to give their views on expected reforms.

“We are collecting views and suggestions from Kenyans countrywide on education reforms people they want implemented till 18th of November and those who may not be able to come physically can email their suggestions to secretariat@educationreforms, and they will also be looked at and put into consideration,” Dr Githenji assured.

By Deborah Bochere

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