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Egerton Students’ Mseto Groundnuts Roaster to ease businesses

In a groundbreaking initiative, students from Egerton University’s Department of Applied Community Development Studies have developed the Mseto Groundnut Roaster, a locally adaptable solution that promises to transform nut-farming practices.

This innovative roaster, initially designed in 2016, aims to revolutionize the traditional roasting process by significantly reducing time, and energy consumption, and increasing efficiency.

The Mseto Groundnut Roaster was meticulously designed to address the challenges faced by local communities in roasting groundnuts and other nuts.

Featuring two compartments for roasting and baking, the roaster ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly roasted nuts. This remarkable device burns efficiently using briquettes or charcoal, making it versatile and accessible to all.

Initially equipped with only a roasting compartment, the students continuously improved the Mseto Roaster and added a baking compartment to enhance its functionality.

In 2018, the team proudly presented their creation at the Egerton Innovation Well, leaving a lasting impression on the chief guests in attendance. Impressed by the project’s ingenuity and potential, the students were gifted a generous token of Sh100, 000.

“This innovation is a game-changer for our local communities. It not only saves time and energy, it also promotes efficient nut- businesses,” noted Edwin Otieno, a Lecturer at Egerton University.

The cost-effective production of the Mseto Groundnut Roaster, amounting to approximately Sh11, 000, makes it accessible to small-scale farmers. Compared to the traditional method of using Jikos, which takes 2-3 hours to roast groundnuts, the Mseto Roaster completes the process in just 30 minutes. Furthermore, the insulation at the top lid ensures energy retention, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

The Mseto Groundnut Roaster, born out of the visionary efforts of Egerton University students, has emerged as a beacon of hope for nut-farming communities. Its efficiency, affordability, and eco-friendly nature are transforming the roasting process, saving time and energy for processors across Kenya.

The project’s success, including recognition at the Nakuru Showground exhibition, has set a precedent for innovation and underscores the potential for local solutions to make a significant impact. With the Mseto Groundnut Roaster leading the way, the future of nut farming looks brighter than ever before.

By Angela Cherotich and Merceline Khaemba


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