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Elect leaders of integrity- ole sapit

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit has appealed to Kenyans to use the power of their vote to make right choices when electing leaders in the forthcoming elections.

Ole Sapit said the choices the electorate make on 9th August can affect the nation positively or negatively saying the choices will determine the nation the country will have.

The Archbishop said the country wants to see a leadership that will uphold not only the rule of law but also adhere to the moral uprightness and ethical standards.

He noted that as a country, citizens are aware that integrity is critical in shaping the national agenda and the direction which the country has to take, a need he noted requires leaders to think and act straight, and embrace uprightness.

“Let us be observant and listen to our leaders as they present their manifestos. Judge them on the past offices they held, past contribution to society, how they delivered, have they inspired hope, are they associated with any form of corruption, are they on a clean mission within the language they are using to woe the voters, are the manifestos implementable,” urged the prelate.

Ole Sapit stated that what the country needs are processes that will ensure there is a framework, policy and laws that govern the people of Kenya, adding that his prayer is that when Kenyans go for elections they should sieve and get leaders who will give citizens hope.

The Archbishop who was speaking today during the 6th commemoration of the Africa Anti- Corruption Day held at the Strathmore University Business School, Nairobi said the country not only needs leaders who uphold the rule of law and corruption but those who will look after the nation and unite the nation across the globe.

The event themed ‘Elect Leaders of Integrity to Enhance Transparency and Accountability’ that was hosted by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) was attended by key actors from the public, private and civil society, faith sectors and academia.

“We want leaders who will ensure that our resources are evenly distributed for what we fight for many a times as a country is the distribution of resources either access or control,” he stated.

He at the same time stated when elections take an acrimonious angle it’s an indication that those in power will be the ones accessing and controlling resources.

Ole Sapit said when the country puts in place laws, access and control of resources will no longer be in the hands of one individual or a group of individuals, adding that resources of states that are well managed always benefit the citizens.

The Archbishop said the country has been fighting corruption for a long time and called on all Kenyans to say no to all forms of corruption as it robs Kenyans their future, diminishes opportunities for younger people besides affecting the health and other services.

Ole Sapit commended EACC led by Chairperson Archbishop (Emeritus) Eliud Wabukala for recovering assets, money and other resources from individuals who had acquired them illegally.

In his remarks, Wabukala said there is need for the African region to put its efforts in fighting corruption for economic well-being of the continent.

He challenged citizens in the continent to be scrutinizing the characters of leaders before entrusting them with the lives of generations and resources.

“People of Africa should choose leaders who uphold transparency and integrity and can be accountable,” he said.

The Chairperson urged Kenyans to elect leaders with integrity in the coming elections as it will minimize cases and complaints of corrupt leaders at the Commission.

Wabukala said it is easier and cheaper to elect people with integrity as it will enhance transparency and accountability thereby ending corruption, a move that will push Kenya to a trajectory of development.

By Bernadette Khaduli

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