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2022 Elections gender audit report launched

The State Department for Gender and Affirmative Action, Principal Secretary (PS), Veronica Nduva, in collaboration with the Echo Network Africa (ENA) has launched the Gender Audit and Analysis Report (GAAR) of the 2022 General Election.

The Report provides an analysis, review and highlights which seek to empower and advocate for gender perspectives and recommendations to inform interventions aimed at bridging the gender gap.

The Report also supports initiatives with compliance to the Constitution of Kenya in the legal framework, to rationalize the participation and representation of women with disabilities, minority and marginalized communities in the elections and political leadership within the nation.

PS Nduva, speaking, Monday, at Sarova PanAfric Hotel, said that under the leadership of President William Ruto, the current Administration in conjunction with the 13th Parliament will do what the previous leaders were unable to by bringing to effect the constitutional provisions in respect to women’s representation, especially in Parliament.

“Kenya is still far from achieving the threshold of ‘Not More than Two Thirds’ set out by the Constitution of Kenya (COK) 2010, let alone the international standards of at least 33 per cent representation,” remarked Nduva.

She added that the goal of gender equality is a daunting one and cannot easily be achieved by an individual or organisation thus calling for cooperation and contribution from all sectors.

Nduva applauded ENA for enlisting over 50 women who are ready to contest for various seats in the 2027 General Elections, including putting aside campaign funds through facilities offered by the Democracy Trust Fund (DTF).

ENA Chairperson, Dr Nyambura Koigi, stated that according to the 2022 World Economic Survey Report, if the current trend continues and if drastic and intentional action towards bringing women into leadership are not taken, it will take over 130 years for gender parity to be achieved.

“Do we really have the luxury of waiting another century for society to attain parity? I assume your answer is a resounding ‘NO’,” stressed Koigi.

In addition, she cited that the report indicates that for every woman who ran for elections nearly seven male candidates are running for the same position.

Further, Koigi explained that ENA will remain committed to playing its respective role of catalyzing, identifying and strengthening capacities of women lobbying for a friendly playfield and at the same time advocate educating the citizens on the importance of women leadership.

Echo Network Africa called for more women to express their interest in the upcoming general elections, revealing that in the National Assembly in 2013, 16 women were elected compared to 274 men and in 2022, 29 women compared to 261 men were elected, translating to 5.1 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.

Younger women were advised to have fellow women mentors designated in different sectors such as the Parliament, County Assembly and National Assembly.

Women were also encouraged to speak against cyber bullying, verbal harassment and physical intimidation, during the electoral process.

By Phinta Amondi

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