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Electricity Connections resume in Butere Sub County

The Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC) has resumed reconnecting power to various households in Butere Sub County.

This comes after the corporation halted the exercise due to unavoidable circumstances in the area.

Area MP Tindi Mwale said the works have started and all areas earmarked for connections will be completed before the forth coming general elections.

“We will ensure our great Butere Sub County is connected to power grid. This will enable a 24 hour economy that will boost our livelihoods,” he said.

The legislator said Mulusi,Harambee and Elukokho areas are awaiting metering and already the equipment have been delivered to the sites. Other areas to be connected to power include Ebutayi, Mushiro, Emase and Ituti.

He added that the project at Shiyiro area of Butere Township has already been tendered and survey is ongoing.

The MP was speaking in his constituency while inspecting several NGCDF projects in the area.

Tindi said through the NGCDF office, they will partner with REREC to ensure the project is finished within the set time frames.

By John Ochanda


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