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Embracing CBC reforms for the benefit of our children and attainment of vision 2030

The  government through the Ministry of Education is keen on the implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) to ensure that every learner access quality basic education.

The Ministry has since 2012 pursued broad education reforms to ensure that all children access quality basic education in line with the requirements of the Kenya Constitution (2010) and Basic Education Act (2013).

The CBC is geared towards nurturing every learner’s potential, and also the 21st century demands citizens who are multi skilled. The new system seeks to produce a child with relevant competences to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Speaking on Friday during the 3rd National Conference on Curriculum Reforms, the  Education Cabinet Secretary (CS), Prof. George  Magoha said that he has appointed a multi-sectoral taskforce with specific targets and they have given him feedback.

Magoha assured President Uhuru Kenyatta-who was also in attendance- that under his watch the CBC would be delivered.

“We have had public participation at the highest level where we have had 47 different dialogues which were open to the general public where control inputs were taken and nobody should say that he or she has been gagged,” said the CS.

Magoha warned against introduction of politics into the CBC saying that it is likely to derail the implementation and impact negatively on the quality of education.

“We can come back to politics after we have discussed serious issues, said the CS asserting that the new curriculum is good for learners.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Chairperson, Sarah Ruto said that they will give the curriculum a reform that seeks to nurture the potential of each learner and hopes that it provides a platform for decision making and seek an education that champions learning for all.

“We hope that the new curriculum offers an opportunity to widen the conversation and invite many people to share, reflect and shape the education we want in Kenya. The ministry shall review the progress made in implementing the CBC, explore opportunities that expand the inclusion and post evidence-based suggestions to inform the on-going education reforms,” said Ruto.

She added that the public will get the chance to interact with researchers, practitioners, policymakers and civil society actors from all over the country to learn, share and exchange ideas.

The  Republic of Ghana, Basic and Secondary Education (BSE) Deputy Education Minister, Yaw Adutwum said that the future of Africa depends on us and it is going to take the bold leadership of African presidents and other leaders to turn the fortune of Africa around.

“When the story of Africa is written some of us will find our names at the appendix. Let’s work together so that under the president’s tenure and under his watch we can say that we put aside our differences and do everything to put the Kenyan child in the center of our focus and our target and we did everything possible to transform Kenya,” said Adutwum.

The CBC reflects on the gains made in the curriculum reform process and deepens understanding on the approaches and pillars of the CBC thereby providing an opportunity for learners to acquire quality education.

By  Pauline Okenga/Charity Kanyoro

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