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Embu businessman makes soap from goat’s milk

A businessman in Embu has called on county governments to create a conducive environment for thriving small businesses through harmonizing licensing of businesses.

Kombo Nyaga noted that in every county where they take their products they are required to pay Sh30, 000 as a license to do business, which is a challenge to them.

Kombo Nyaga, an entrepreneur in Embu displaying one of the soap products. He uses goat milk and castor oil to make soaps. Photo by Kimani Tirus

Nyaga who is using goat milk to make soaps with anti-aging elements which are also good for people with skin conditions said marketing of their products within Embu and across the counties is very challenging.

Nyaga who hails from Embu Town said he uses goat milk since it is very good for growth of hair, as well as treatment of Eczema.

Nyaga said goat milk has lactic acid which when applied on the skin helps remove dead skin cells, making the skin very smooth, and also moisturizes the skin.

The proprietor says they source milk from groups rearing goats and other local farmers in Embu.

Apart from goat milk, Nyaga says he also uses castor seeds to make oils and soaps, adding that they grow the castor for they do agribusiness apart from carrying out soap manufacturing business.

In the process of making soaps he said they do not apply heat, and hence the soaps maintain their vitamins and are gentle to the skin.

He said with the age of the internet they are able to access markets globally and they also receive orders locally and internationally.

Nyaga said they are working closely with skin experts or dermatologists to ensure safe products are readily available in the market.

He however noted this can be only possible with available funds, which is a big challenge owing to the fact that his business is an upcoming enterprise.

On challenges they are facing as a small enterprise, Nyaga noted that they are unable to meet the high demand and order they are receiving.

Kombo Nyaga, an entrepreneur in Embu, He uses goat milk and castor oil to make soaps. Photo by Kimani Tirus

He challenged the county governments to be at the forefront in assisting the flourishing of small businesses and also providing a conducive environment for thriving of small enterprises by passing policies that suit business growth.

Nyaga said with the onset of Covid-19, their business like any other business in town has been affected but was optimistic that with time the business will pick again.

He challenged the government to help the small business enterprises by availing cheap capital and loans to enable them to invest more and revamp their businesses.

Nyaga said their business is housed at Kenya Industrial Estate, in Majengo Estate with affordable rent which is good for their business.

He said the industrial estate is a government institution which acts as an incubation center for small businesses and they have been there for the last three years.

He also called on Kenyans who have affinity for buying commodities outside the country to appreciate locally made products and support Kenyan made products.

By Kimani Tirus

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