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Embu Varsity Marks Cultural event

A fine blend of colours and sounds provided attendants with a feast when students of the University of Embu laid out the sixth cultural festival over the weekend.

Presentations by groups representing all the tribes of Kenya were testament to the huge diversity of the Kenyan people’s cultures.

The Cushites from the North enacted a traditional wedding, though with a creative fusion of traditional and modern music.

Students from the Mt Kenya region had a sizzling presentation, effortlessly switching from Kimeru to Gikuyu songs, and ended with a powerful choral verse that warned residents to keep off the illicit liquor that has destroyed many families and wasted many youths.

Besides a beauty show other groups presented Kalenjin and Luo folk songs with the University’s Kiswahili society reenacting the legend of Luanda Magere the invincible warrior.

University of Embu Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Kiplagat Kotut speaking at the opening ceremony said the cultural festival would help foster peace in Kenya by promoting the appreciation of different cultures.

By Steve Gatheru


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