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Engineers Board launches official stamp

The Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) has launched an official engineers’ stamp as a measure towards enhancing professionalism in the engineering industry.

The stamp will help in the identification and verification of engineering documents and work supervised by a professional engineer, a move aimed at identifying authentic engineers from imposters.

Speaking at the launch held on Thursday evening at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi, the Principal Secretary, State Department for Infrastructure Paul Maringa said the signing and stamping of an engineering document by a professional engineer would certify that the professional engineering services rendered have been fully, adequately and reliably performed.

“This launch marks a significant milestone in the implementation of the Engineers’ Act 2011 and contributes to development and regulation of professional engineering services in Kenya,” said Maringa.

He appreciated EBK for its efficiency in the setting of engineering standards in the country through regulating the registration of engineers as well as the engineering professional services.

Urging the engineers to embrace the usage of the stamp to contribute towards promoting quality and public awareness in the engineering industry, Maringa challenged the professionals to reach out to engineering students as a community service measure to debunk myths in the engineering industry.

“The government is committed to working with engineers to ensure professionalism in the engineering industry is well implemented and matters of accreditation is resolved,” said the PS.

In his address, EBK Chairman Erastus Mwongera said that the launched stamp is one of the compliance tools that would help champion safe, efficient, and effective engineering infrastructure systems and processes, as well as protect the engineering profession.

“EBK is aware that an increase in compliance tools will result in increased public awareness of who a registered engineer is and what it entails to have confirmation of professional engineering services,” said Mwongera.

Explaining that the demand for engineers and engineering services is set to rise towards achieving government agendas on Vision 2030, the Chairman noted that EBK is committed to fast-tracking the registration of qualified and competent professional engineers to ensure that the demand and supply of engineers and their services is at par.

Mwongera stated that EBK has set a strategic intent to increase the number of registered professional engineers in Kenya from the current 3000 to 10,000 in the next five years.

“To achieve this strategic intent, EBK has initiated graduate engineers’ internship programme and formulated an academic-based graduate engineer programme to help graduate engineers and those teaching at the universities to acquire efficient professional training,” stated Mwongera.

The Chairman said that owing to the recent rampant collapse of buildings in the country, EBK has developed measures such as a joint structure assessment team that is tasked with site monitoring and inspection.

He appreciated the support EBK receives through the government, further promising to harmonize functions and duties performed by EBK.

Mwongera further cautioned licensed engineers against malpractice of issuing stamps to non-registered persons posing as engineers, saying that the Board would be on the lookout for such issues.

By Moffin Opilio and Mical Imbukwa

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