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Environment & Lands court plant trees in marking decade years

Environment and Lands Court in Meru on Friday commemorated their ten years of existence by planting trees in riparian and wetlands as well as sensitizing members of the public on the importance of environmental conservation.

Judicial officials who were also accompanied by the County Government officials led by Deputy Governor Mutuma M’Ethingia and other national government departments, walked along the streets of Meru town spreading the message of conservation which culminated in a public address at Gakoromone market.

Environment and Lands Court Presiding Judge Justice Charles Yano said that the exercise was a clear proof that the court was not only dealing with cases brought to them but also have a duty to preserve the environment.

“We will not sit in courts to wait for a case so we can make determinations but we have also decided that we will be going out there and engaging in initiatives to protect our environment,” said Yano.

He added that they will be engaging in the same exercise every rainy season to reinstate the environment to its original state before human destruction took place. “My appeal is that those who have participated in tree planting today should move a step ahead to take care of those trees so they cannot dry up,” said Yano.

Justice CK Nzili from the same court added that going forward, the same activities will be extended to other areas outside Meru town to ensure the entire county was taken care of.

He warned residents against building or carrying out farming activities on riparian or wet lands adding that they will be strict to such individuals if any case of that nature was brought before them.

“Before you carry out such activities, seek information from relevant authorities so you cannot fall on the wrong side of the law,” said Nzili.

Meru high court Presiding Judge Justice Edward Murithi who also took part in the exercise said that for the last three years the country has experienced severe drought and all this was as a result of human destruction of the environment.

“We are in the process of rejuvenating the environment by planting trees in order to restore what has been lost and, in the end, receive rains like we have been doing before,” said Murithi.

Meru County National Environmental Management Authority Director Mr Mark Angwenyi said they were happy to collaborate with the court in restoring and conserving the environment.

He said they will continue engaging in such activities considering that the environment was part and parcel of human life.

“It is our responsibility to conserve our environment and we should therefore be keen on issues or activities that we carry out that can compromise the good state of our environment,” said Angwenyi.

By Dickson Mwiti

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