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Environmentalists sensitize public on solid waste management

Environmental protection and sustainability concerns continue to be treated as side issues despite being a central development agenda that if not addressed, the future is in jeopardy as a result of climate change.

Human beings are at climatic crossroads with the increasing pattern of global warming orchestrated by our actions toward our beautiful Mother Nature.

The Busia Environment and Land Court (ELC) celebrated 10 years since the court was established in the country by participating in a cleaning exercise at Soko Posta, the largest market in Busia as a demonstration towards a healthy environment for healthy life.

Speaking to the press, Busia Environment and Land court judge Justice Ann Omollo urged traders and residents of Busia at large to observe environmental protection, putting in mind that cleanliness is an important phenomenon that is not just confined to personal hygiene, but covers all aspects of our daily lives.

“Cleanliness, in the simplest terms, is the state of being free from clutter and anything irrelevant and unnecessary, therefore it’s important to maintain and sustain our environment. It is one of the fundamental factors that distinguish a progressive, cultured and civilized society from an underdeveloped and uncivilized commune,” said Justice Omollo.

She added that, in the organizational perspective, a clean and tidy workplace portrays a healthier, competitive, growing and flourishing business in contrast to a workplace with overflowing bins, crammed drawers, piled up desks and all things cluttered. Cleaning at the workplace is crucial for many reasons.

“We urge the County government of Busia to set up waste management facilities in all public places to help in controlling how waste is disposed of in the public,” noted Justice Omollo.

Her sentiments were echoed by Robb Kipkoech, NEEMA County director of Busia who reiterated by urging the public to be responsive in waste management.

Kipkoech sounded a firm warning to the business community at the border who had ignored the ban of plastic bags that they risked facing full force of the law.

“Use of plastic bags was banned in this country in 2017 for the simple reason that they are not biodegradable hence they pollute our environment contributing to pollution,” said Kipkoech.

Busia County Land Registrar Mr. Wilfred Nyandoro Nyaberi, challenged the County government of Busia to enact laws that support implementation of environmental laws to help in the fight against climate change caused by global warming.

“The county government must provide a business-enabling environment by ensuring all blocked drainages and dumping sites are managed properly,” noted Nyaberi.

The Municipality Manager Kennedy Nabulindo who spearheaded the activity stated that market cleanup happens daily and today’s exercise was geared towards enhancing public participation in solid waste management.

“It’s our hope that this activity will eventually improve the cooperation between public and state agencies in solid waste management for the betterment of our town,” stated Nabulindo.

Traders applauded the move by the state actors in ensuring sensitization and participation in ensuring a healthy environment and keeping Busia clean.

The activity was carried out by the ELC in partnership with NEEMA, Ministry of land, Department of probation, Busia municipality, social justice center, and the general public.

By Absalom Namwalo and Salome Alwanda

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